February 2, 2010

Item 1.

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I notice that when I am nowhere near a piece of paper or a computer all of these thoughts are whizzing through my head like NASCAR drivers on a track, but as I get to a place where I can write these things down…nothing. Blank-blankety-blank-blank-blank. There are themes and ideas, but anything cohesive? Not really. Let’s start a list shall we?

Item 1.

I am becoming a chubby vegetarian. I’ve always been chubby, but that was almost understandable back then. Meat was my favorite dish. I was the kid who reached up to taste the ground beef as it was browning. Had mom only sprinkled some salt and pepper on it and given me a bowl, I would have sat at the table smiling with my eyes closed, humming a happy little tune.

I’m not one of those vegetarians who pretends she never liked the taste, smell or feel of meat. I enjoyed all of those things, but one year in college, I decided that I’d give something different a try (No lie, though. PETA’s “Meet Your Meat” video kept me honest to the cause). Five years later, I’m still a vegetarian who is slowly leaking her way down to veganism (or making the holy lift upward according to some vegans). I don’t consider veganism a sinking lower thing. It just seems that there is less and less that I am ALLOWED to eat without feeling dreadfully guilty. The guilt can easily be attributed to a Judeo-Christian upbringing. Frankly, I just love food.

So, yes, what I was saying in the beginning and in the end have a lot to do with each other. I am becoming a chubb(ier) vegetarian and it’s because I just love food (and sugar and butter, thank you Paula Dean). The most exercise I get is from walking too and fro my “office” at work and well, sex, but other than that I’m pretty sedentary. Perhaps that where the works should start? I don’t know if it’s worth the work. I’m not that upset with my body, but I know I should do it “for my health,” just like I should quit smoking, drinking, eating transfats and back-talking my mother. What fun is a world without all of that? Not a life worth living, I’d say.

Man, I am rambling. Don’t worry. You are not witnessing some kind of existential crisis or cry for help. I’m just at work trying to kill time until my shift is over. Then I can smoke, chat with a friend, and get the hell out of here before it snows…again. Snow is another thing for another day. If I get started on that now…ugh. I’ll spare you. Whoever, you is. Whoa…getting all meta on you. Mwahaha, I said you again. Ok. I’m done…must have had too much sprite.


January 20, 2010

Cabbage: 1, Kisha: 0

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About two weeks ago, Andy (the bf) and I, a created a menu to last us two weeks. In retrospect, this wasn’t a bad idea, but we certainly learned our lesson about letting mushrooms sit for too long (once they start to smell fishy and then go slimy it’s over for the ‘shrooms). One of our menu items was stuffed cabbage with a couscous and lentil stuffing. However, unlike typical stuffed cabbage where the cabbage is blanched and the leaves are used as a wrap for the filling, this recipe asked that the cabbage be gutted, blanched (so it looks like a bowl) and THEN stuffed. At first, this didn’t sound that difficult, but after making my first cut into the middle of the cabbage, I knew I was in for a long night.

I started with a large knife: the one we usually use to chop our veggies, but there was no finesse (keep in mind this was not MY fault, but the knife’s fault). The tip of the knife slammed against the chopping board with an agonizing thunk. My first real cut and I’d all ready screwed the pooch on the whole “bowl” concept. I cursed, shrugged, switched knives and kept moving. Cabbage went everywhere: it layered the counter, some of it was in my hair, but most of it was on the floor; floating down into fluffy cabbage drifts. Evel (one of our two ginger kitties) meandered into the kitchen to see what all of the screaming was about. He sniffed at the cabbage piles and decided his services would be better put to leaving tufts of fur on the couch.

Eventually, I succeeded in creating a hollowed center in the cabbage. The water in my giant pot was boiling furiously and the ice water was chilling beside the burners. The worst was over. Except that it wasn’t. I placed the cabbage into the water (bowl side down) and let it boil for about 5 minutes, before reaching in with a wooden spoon and potato masher to dunk it into the ice water. The floating pieces of cabbage leaves in the pot should have been my hint to stop and order pizza. Once the cabbage hit the ice water, the top layer of leaves pealed themselves away from the cabbage in a graceful swirl. They hovered over the chilling cabbage, having what I can only assume to be an out of body experience. With a sigh, I lifted the cabbage bowl by its root. It was droopy at best. Post-mortem at worst. I laid it to rest inside of a buttered (yes, buttered) piece of aluminum foil and got to work on the filling.

Do you have any idea how delicious couscous is and how EASY it is to make? Boil water, add butter, add couscous, take it off the heat, let it sit for five minutes, fluff the couscous with a fork and viola! Dinner. Amazing. I’d never had couscous outside of my college dining hall and let me say that was pretty terrible. Couscous is sooo good. Ok, enough about the couscous, back to the cabbage. So, after the couscous is finished (and I stopped nibbling at it) I finished the rest of the filling. Sauteing, I get. Adding lentils and spices, sure! How to get all of that into my sad excuse for a cabbage? That was not so clear.

By this point, Andy was at home and he was watching me with an enduring, amused smirk on his face. Maybe he didn’t know someone shaking a spoon and ranting could be so sexy? At any rate, once the filling was ready, it was time to stuff the cabbage. Using the aluminum foil as support walls, I began to spoon the filling into the “bowl” of cabbage. About half way through the filling, the cabbage was indeed stuffed, but I was not going to let this damn veggie get the better of me. With Andy’s help, I spooned the rest of the filling on top of the cabbage. We used about another five sheets of foil to entomb our Frankenstein and sat it on top of the pot to steam for an hour. During that time, Andy and I debated which pizza place to order from. Domino’s is tried and true, but L&B is much more authentic.

So, yes, an hour later, we took the foil disco ball out off of the steamer and stared/prayed/wished/hoped it into submission. Andy began the unveiling. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t crawling, leaking or hissing at us. Andy flipped it onto a plate and then into a bowl, only letting a minor amount of juice free itself from its prison. We cut slices for ourselves, sat at the table and hoped not to get food poisoning.

It was actually really good! It wasn’t pretty, but it was tasty as all hell. It was even good the next day for lunch, although the cabbage continued its vengeance on me through my digestive track (keep in mind, I am a vegetarian, so gas generally comes with the territory…sorry for those who didn’t care to know that). So, in the end, I suppose the cabbage and I were tied.

Cabbage: 1, Kisha: 1

November 2, 2009

“Allow me to introduce myself…”

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I wish I could remember the exact circumstance for this story. I remember sitting somewhere, staring at my open journal. It wasn’t the first page, or maybe it was. I was probably in high school, hiding in the library during my lunch period (not because I didn’t want to eat in front of people, but because I wanted to be alone and away from the open trough). At any rate, I remember looking into a page in my journal when the thought, that has now become more of an adage, came to me. “There is nothing more intimidating than a blank page.” I wish I could say I found comfort in that thought, but all it did was confirm a truth that all writers know, but may not admit to.

The adage is the best way I could think to start a page in a blog that has no real theme other than life as it comes to me. I wish I had something more concrete to form my blog around like my favorite receipes; dogs in funny hats;  how to write a poem or just a list of my favorite songs. You’ll probably find a lot of these things in here eventually. I’ll just have to be satisified with knowing that I am writing for the public again and that, at the very least, I can only be me.

I wonder what other blogs’ first pages look like. I tried doing a search, but I failed miserably. It doesn’t help that I was at work when I tried and it was a day when everyone needed something. I seem to catch blogs in the middle and hope that I can stay with them. Unfortunately, or forunately (depending on how you look at it) I am terribly restless, so my blog hopping has been pretty intense lately. It’s all just a silly ploy to avoid writing my own things.

My head is filled to the brim with opinions from reading blogs, watching/listening/eating the news, and from talking to people who tend to know more things than I do (sometimes…or at least they think they know more). When I can’t write, I tend to read. I think I’ve reached that point where I can’t take in any more information without regurgitating it back into the face of the one who fed it to me. This is not a bad thing.

Well, the blank page is full. I’ll see what else I have in my hat later.