February 2, 2010

Item 1.

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I notice that when I am nowhere near a piece of paper or a computer all of these thoughts are whizzing through my head like NASCAR drivers on a track, but as I get to a place where I can write these things down…nothing. Blank-blankety-blank-blank-blank. There are themes and ideas, but anything cohesive? Not really. Let’s start a list shall we?

Item 1.

I am becoming a chubby vegetarian. I’ve always been chubby, but that was almost understandable back then. Meat was my favorite dish. I was the kid who reached up to taste the ground beef as it was browning. Had mom only sprinkled some salt and pepper on it and given me a bowl, I would have sat at the table smiling with my eyes closed, humming a happy little tune.

I’m not one of those vegetarians who pretends she never liked the taste, smell or feel of meat. I enjoyed all of those things, but one year in college, I decided that I’d give something different a try (No lie, though. PETA’s “Meet Your Meat” video kept me honest to the cause). Five years later, I’m still a vegetarian who is slowly leaking her way down to veganism (or making the holy lift upward according to some vegans). I don’t consider veganism a sinking lower thing. It just seems that there is less and less that I am ALLOWED to eat without feeling dreadfully guilty. The guilt can easily be attributed to a Judeo-Christian upbringing. Frankly, I just love food.

So, yes, what I was saying in the beginning and in the end have a lot to do with each other. I am becoming a chubb(ier) vegetarian and it’s because I just love food (and sugar and butter, thank you Paula Dean). The most exercise I get is from walking too and fro my “office” at work and well, sex, but other than that I’m pretty sedentary. Perhaps that where the works should start? I don’t know if it’s worth the work. I’m not that upset with my body, but I know I should do it “for my health,” just like I should quit smoking, drinking, eating transfats and back-talking my mother. What fun is a world without all of that? Not a life worth living, I’d say.

Man, I am rambling. Don’t worry. You are not witnessing some kind of existential crisis or cry for help. I’m just at work trying to kill time until my shift is over. Then I can smoke, chat with a friend, and get the hell out of here before it snows…again. Snow is another thing for another day. If I get started on that now…ugh. I’ll spare you. Whoever, you is. Whoa…getting all meta on you. Mwahaha, I said you again. Ok. I’m done…must have had too much sprite.