November 2, 2009

“Allow me to introduce myself…”

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I wish I could remember the exact circumstance for this story. I remember sitting somewhere, staring at my open journal. It wasn’t the first page, or maybe it was. I was probably in high school, hiding in the library during my lunch period (not because I didn’t want to eat in front of people, but because I wanted to be alone and away from the open trough). At any rate, I remember looking into a page in my journal when the thought, that has now become more of an adage, came to me. “There is nothing more intimidating than a blank page.” I wish I could say I found comfort in that thought, but all it did was confirm a truth that all writers know, but may not admit to.

The adage is the best way I could think to start a page in a blog that has no real theme other than life as it comes to me. I wish I had something more concrete to form my blog around like my favorite receipes; dogs in funny hats;  how to write a poem or just a list of my favorite songs. You’ll probably find a lot of these things in here eventually. I’ll just have to be satisified with knowing that I am writing for the public again and that, at the very least, I can only be me.

I wonder what other blogs’ first pages look like. I tried doing a search, but I failed miserably. It doesn’t help that I was at work when I tried and it was a day when everyone needed something. I seem to catch blogs in the middle and hope that I can stay with them. Unfortunately, or forunately (depending on how you look at it) I am terribly restless, so my blog hopping has been pretty intense lately. It’s all just a silly ploy to avoid writing my own things.

My head is filled to the brim with opinions from reading blogs, watching/listening/eating the news, and from talking to people who tend to know more things than I do (sometimes…or at least they think they know more). When I can’t write, I tend to read. I think I’ve reached that point where I can’t take in any more information without regurgitating it back into the face of the one who fed it to me. This is not a bad thing.

Well, the blank page is full. I’ll see what else I have in my hat later.